Murray Bridge Flying School has a fleet of well-maintained aircraft perfectly suited to flying training or for general hire.


The diversity of aircraft types available ensures students gain experience with a wide range of aeroplanes used in general aviation (GA) organisations all over Australia.

Cessna C172 Skyhawk 

The Cessna 172 is the most popular training aircraft in the world today. Beginning production in 1956, over 43,000 examples have been produced – more than any other aircraft in history. With its docile, stable flight characteristics the Skyhawk is the perfect platform for training. It’s high wing and large windows make the C-172 a great aircraft for joy/scenic flights and aerial photography. Available for training and hire & fly.


Category: NVFR (Garmin area 500 GPS)

Seats: 4 (Pilot + 3 passengers)

Speed: 120 Knots (220 Km/hr)

Piper PA28-140 Cherokee

The Cherokee 140 is the older brother of the Warrior. With its slab "hershey bar" wing and slightly smaller fuselage, it makes an ideal aircraft for ab-initio training all the way through to PPL. VH-MTB has been upgraded from the original 140hp to a 160hp Lycoming and really gives the Warriors a run for their money in cruise performance! We run a bulk hourly rate on this aircraft, check our pricing page for details. Available for training and hire & fly.

Category: IFR (Garmin 375 GPS/Transponder)

Seats: 4 (Pilot + 3 passengers)

Speed: 110 Knots (205 Km/hr)

Piper PA28-161 Warrior

First flown in 1960, the Piper Warrior has gone on to gain reputations as superb training aircraft. Forgiving handling characteristics and a gentle (virtually non-existent) stall make them very safe training platforms. Over 32,000 examples have been produced - testament to their popularity. Available for training and hire & fly.

Category: VFR (Garmin 100 GPS)

Seats: 4 (Pilot + 3 passengers)

Speed: 110 Knots (205 Km/hr)

Piper PA28-181 Archer II

The Archer is the Warrior’s bigger brother. With a larger engine and gross weight, the Archer makes a great trainer but also a fantastic touring aircraft. The Archer handles beautifully – a point all pilots who have flown one will agree on. An excellent aircraft for training (including NVFR) or hire & fly.

Category: NVFR (King KLN89B GPS and Garmin G5 AI)

Seats: 4 (Pilot + 3 passengers)

Speed: 120 Knots (220 Km/hr)

Cessna C182 Skylane

The Cessna 182 is a roomy four seater, fixed gear high wing that is both larger and faster than its smaller brother, the 172. With excellent short field performance, this aircraft is commonly used in the outback for bush flying. Ideal for Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) training and CSU endorsements.

Category: NVFR

Seats: 4 (Pilot + 3 passengers)

Speed: 135 Knots (250 Km/hr)

Piper PA32RT-300 Lance II

The Lance is the retractable undercarriage version of the popular Cherokee Six series. A 300HP engine, variable-pitch propeller, and retractable undercarriage make the Lance a great aircraft in which to gain experience in a faster, more-complex type. Its roomy cabin can carry six adults comfortably at over 145 knots, making it a great touring aircraft. Available for dual training and hire & fly.

Category: NVFR (KLN90B GPS)

Seats: 6 (Pilot + 5 passengers)

Speed: 145 Knots (270 Km/hr)

Piper PA34-200T Seneca II

The Seneca II is the second in the line of Piper's popular six-seat light twin series. With a roomy cabin laid out in a 'club seating' format and turbo-charged engines, the Seneca II is a great, affordable aircraft for initial Multi-Engine Class Rating (MECR) training and IFR (MECIR) training. 

*Please note this aircraft is not available for hire & fly

Category: IFR (Garmin 650, and Garmin G5 HSI/AI)

Seats: 6 (Pilot + 5 passengers)

Speed: 150 Knots (275 Km/hr)

Beechcraft E55 Baron

The Beechcraft E55 Baron is the ultimate piston twin for completing your ME Instrument Rating. Boasting two IO-520 engines, our example will easily achieve 195kts at altitude. Perfect for efficiently traversing aerodromes to conduct instrument approach training. These aircraft are used widely in the GA industry and hence, time on type is very valuable for attaining your first twin job!

*Please note this aircraft is only available for hire and fly if you have time on type to meet strict insurance requirements.

Category: IFR (Garmin 750, Garmin 430w and Aspen PFD)

Seats: 6 (Pilot + 5 passengers)

Speed: 195  Knots (360 Km/hr)

The Cessna 172RG Cutlass II is a larger model of the popular fixed gear 172. With its 180hp Lycoming engine, retractable undercarriage and constant speed propeller, this aircraft is perfect for CPL training, NVFR and RU/MPPC endorsements.

Cessna C172RG Cutlass II

Category: NVFR (Garmin 250XL GPS)

Seats: 4 (Pilot + 3 passengers)

Speed: 130 Knots (240 Km/hr)

Grumman Tiger AA5B

The Grumman Tiger is fantastic American built aircraft. There’s not another fixed-gear,
180-hp bird made that can catch it. It can outrun one 200-hp retractable and almost match performance with two others. Fitted with a Dynon Autopilot and IFR equipment, this aircraft is perfect for long distance cruising as well as VFR and IFR flight training.

Category: IFR (Garmin 430, Garmin 300XL, Dynon Autopilot and EFIS)

Seats: 4 (Pilot + 3 passengers)

Speed: 130 Knots (240 Km/hr)


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Murray Bridge Flying School, located in the Murraylands region of South Australia, offers flying training in a diverse range of aircraft and ground theory courses.


Recreational, Private, and Commercial Pilot Licences; Multi-Engine, Flight Instructor, Night VFR, and Instrument Ratings; Feature Endorsements and Aircraft Hire and Fly.

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